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Renovation in Singapore

Renovation in Singapore

Everything You Need to Ask Before Doing a Home Renovation in Singapore

You can literally save as much as $110,000 which you could have wasted when you didn’t know how to properly prepare for home renovation in Singapore.

According to home design and remodelling platform Qanvast, every Singaporean spends an average of $53,000 on a home renovation of a typical four-room HBD flat which is approximately 90 square meters. Depending on the type of renovation, the amount spent could range from $4,888 to $110,000. That is why simply asking the right questions could probably save you an arm and a leg.

Dealing with the home renovation can be extremely exhausting and perhaps, can affect your daily life and routines. Some may even consider moving instead of hassling your life with it. The thing with home renovation is that it always brings forth some surprises along the way which could cost you a lot. So, before you do your next home renovation, try asking yourself these questions.

When should I consider the renovation of my house/flat?

The first thing that you should ask is that is it really time to do a home renovation. After living for years inside your Singaporean abode, you may be wondering if it is time to renovate your home. You may ask yourself when you built your house or did your last renovation. Well, that still depends on the conditions of the areas in your house. But if it has been, 10 to 15 years since you built your house, most probably, you will need to do a home renovation. Here are some areas that you should check before planning to do renovation:

  1. Kitchen

Your kitchen may be deteriorated where you can see damaged and cracked tiles, broken kitchen cabinet doors, peeling countertops, and old appliances. Your kitchen may also be increasing your household costs where now, you can save by using energy-efficient models of kitchen appliances.

  1. Bathrooms

You may be having problems with moulds, rotting floors, and water leaks. You may discover loosen tiles and leaking fixtures. You may also want to make your bathroom safer especially if you have kids, or you may want to save on energy or just need additional bathroom space.

  1. Bedrooms

You may want to make yourself more comfortable while sleeping. You need a television mounted on the wall or need dimmers to help you fall asleep. Perhaps, you just need additional space or need a new style to enliven the mood.

What budget to have when planning to start renovation in Singapore?

Before you decide to renovate, accurate budgeting is necessary. When your budgeting is done hastily, your entire home renovation process could be slow-moving or worse, become ruined. Budget planning always poses a challenge. Dealing with it for the first time would create an even bigger challenge. That is why your budget plan should be detailed enough and should come from a great deal of research.

So I recommend that you plan how much money you can afford to spend without affecting your living expenses and without creating too much debt. After that, you should know how much goes to a certain part of your home renovation project. These are the factors that you need to consider when creating a budget plan for your home renovation project:

  1. House type

Your budget will primarily depend on whether your home is an HDB flat, condo, or landed house. You also have to consider if you already have any existing fittings.

  1. Age & Present Condition

You have to know when you built or did your last home renovation project. You have to check the present condition of the areas that need renovation.

  1. Scope of Work

You have to know how much work you want to be done during the renovation. You need to decide whether it needs light, moderate, or extensive renovation.

  1. Material and Resource Needs

You have to know the estimated costs of the materials and resources that you will need. You may have to consult contractors or interior designers to help you deal with it.

  1. Choice of Renovation Contractors

You have to know how much contractor’s charge. You have to research a list of contractors that is suitable for your budget.

According to Qanvast, these are the estimated renovation costs for certain areas in a 4-room HBD flat:

House Area

Estimated Renovation Cost

Living and Dining Rooms

$12,000 – $39,800


$12,100 – $47,600


$11,700 – $29,200


$8,600 – $36,200



Should I hire an interior designer for the renovation?

As you begin your home renovation, you always want to be careful in choosing the best person to guide you. You may be wondering if you’d like to just stick with a contractor or to hire additional help from an interior designer. You may be curious in what ways they can help you.

If you are looking for someone who has in-depth knowledge of design, who has a keen sense of spatial awareness, and who exudes creativity and critical thinking, then it would be good to hire an interior designer. Not only that, if you need someone who is aware of the latest trends and style in commercial and residential design, and need an expert decorator who can balance the colour to match certain spatial mood and perception, then you should definitely hire an interior designer. But aside from those, there are other benefits that you could get from hiring an interior designer:

  1. They can help you minimize unnecessary expenses.

Interior designers are trained in how spaces function. They can plan ways on how to efficiently manage and arrange materials in space. So before you try to add something, it would be best to consult them to avoid wasting some of your bucks. Aside from that, they can help you use more valuable materials and help you meet your budget.

  1. They can help you save time and effort.

Interior designers are exposed to the industry for years that they know the available materials in the market. They can help you get what you need fast. Apart from that, they can minimize unexpected difficulties during your home renovation and can even anticipate problems that you may face.

  1. They can help you establish connections and attain excellent resources.

Interior designers often have connections with highly-skilled workers and contractors in your area and with speciality shops where you will buy unique materials. As someone who works with the materials market and with specialized contractors every day, they can help you obtain reliable and difficult-to-find resources and most probably, help you buy these at discounted prices.


Before you embark on your renovation journey, always try to ask yourself whether or not you need a renovation, whether you are on a budget, and whether you should hire an interior designer. By simply asking yourself these questions, you could definitely minimize the time, money, energy, and effort that you will spend. So what questions keep bogging you in your home renovation quest?