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Living Room Renovation

Living Room Renovation in Singapore

Living Room Renovation in Singapore: Things to Keep in Mind

The living room gets its fair share of action throughout the week and happens to be the second most popular place in the house, losing only to the kitchen. This is not only where you while away any free time but also where you welcome visitors, thus it has to be good-looking and nice. If you are planning to revamp the space - decorate the walls, change the flooring, replace old furniture, etc. - there are things you should keep in mind. We will now have a look at some pinpoints to remember when you are doing your living room renovation in Singapore. Bear with us.

How Much Does Renovating a Living Room Cost on Average?

To begin with, we will give you an approximate estimate of living room decoration. It covers hacking, carpentry, ceiling, and masonry. If you are going for light revamping - you want to replace some fixtures and shelves, crack a cabinet, and make no alterations to the flooring - you will pay roughly $4,700. The price can be as low as $700 and as high as $6,200. The latter encompasses touch up of cabinetry, the basic construction of electrical devices and appliances, as well as sprucing up partition beams and box ups.

Moderate remodelling of all main elements ranges from $6,200 to $18,600. This includes partial hacking of floors and walls, removal of false ceilings, dismantling some fixtures, tiling, touching up of shelves, counters, and lighting. For extensive makeovers, you will need to set aside anywhere from $12,000 to $39,000 given that you would like to do all four elements in one go. This means you are down for complete hacking of the walls and all other fixtures, plus tiling and comprehensive construction. The most pricey part seems to be carpentry (e.g. replacing shelves, bar counter, TV consoles, etc.).

Clearly, if you intend to skip one of these elements, the final cost will naturally come lower.

What are Some Mistakes to Avoid?

Now that we discussed the cost, we shall delve into some errors that people are succumbed to committing when decorating a place.

1. Thinking everything will go according to plan.

As much as you want to finish the project as scheduled, you should expect to face some roadblocks that may delay your work. It is important to prepare mentally for what is coming and embrace that the overhaul may extend beyond its end date. This will keep your sanity intact.

2. Choosing to do all the work by yourself (when you have no experience at all).

Refurbishment runs at steep prices. Adding in the money that goes into the overall workmanship, it is no wonder why so many people are tempted to do their living room renovation by themselves. But if you don’t have any experience in this, you could easily cause serious problems. Makeovers are not a matter of guesswork. They require a certain amount of knowledge and skills. Regardless of whether you have to assemble a new display cabinet or do some electrical work, it is your home and life at stake here. Your best shot will be to call in a professional.

3. Creating an unrealistic budget or not planning the budget at all.

Another mistake homeowners often make is committing to their desires all the while ignoring their incomes. Whether you decide to move your bookshelf next to the sofa or breathe new life into the overhead lighting, there are always things that weren’t part of the initial plan but ended up getting there eventually. The fastest way to put a strain on your wallet is to pay for stuff that hasn’t been accounted for. For this reason, you want to create a budget and keep 20% of the money for contingency. For instance, if you can allocate a total of $10,000 for this project, use a maximum of $8,000 for the main work and set aside the rest.

4. Going for cheap materials

If you buy your materials and appliances for next to nothing, it may appear easier on your budget now but will result more expensive in the long run. Don’t be thrifty. The fixtures you try to save up on may end up costing you more because you will have to replace them way too often. This applies to your electrical devices, desks, tables, furniture, etc. While a regular average-quality couch will last no more than 10 years, a sofa made of premium foam, sturdy hardwood, and coiled springs should hold up to 25 years.

Living Room Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Now, let us move on some tricks to making your overhaul less pricey.

1. Swap your cushions for brand new.

Maybe you cannot afford to get a new couch right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t change how yours looks. Cushions come in various styles and colours and they are anything but expensive. You can achieve a different appearance every season by just replacing the old ones with new.

2. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Nothing spruces up a room faster than a splash of paint here and there. The walls can create a different feeling and affect your mood. Some promote peace and tranquillity, others add depth, and some symbolise freshness and clarity. Choose the ones that make you happy and don’t worry about what future buyers or tenants will think about it.

Now, an even better and cheaper option is to attach several matchable frames to the wall to create a unified look. Slide in pictures of your family, pets and just about anyone you want and it will add a personal touch to it. That way your living room will appear fresher and nicer without the additional costs.

3. Improve lighting.

Replacing the fixtures can make all the difference in a room. Consider adding more light to make the lounge brighter and more inviting. Opt for LED bulbs because they are environment-friendly and economical in the long term. Alternatively, you can consider using candles and light shades which will add to the design and set the scene all the while sparing your wallet.

4. Stick with mirrors.

Dressing up your walls with mirrors is a savvy way of upgrading your living room without spending a fortune. Choosing this step will make the space appear visually larger and radiate elegance. Not to mention, it will help your home stand out as unconventional and arresting.