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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation in Singapore

Kitchen Renovation Singapore: Tips and Ideas to Get Started

The kitchen often tops the list of being the busiest area in the house and that should come as no surprise. There is a lot going on in that room, from dishes clattering to glasses being picked up and tables set. All this activity speeds up normal wear and tear, resulting in the need for an overhaul. In this post, we talk about your kitchen renovation, suggesting ideas on a budget, pointing out common mistakes, and discussing the overall price. Stick around.

What is the Average Price of a Kitchen Renovation in Singapore?

That would depend on a whole lot of things. But since we are talking average, here is a ballpark figure to get you started. In general, packages begin at as little as $5,000 and can reach $110,000 the more areas in your kitchen you want to improve. Carpentry work per se runs above $4,500 for moderate and extensive renovation. The less stuff you need to be done, the less money to spend. If old sinks and cabinetry have to be hacked and crushed, then an extra $500 to $2,500 might be required. As you can see, all of this adds up.

Now, if plumbing work is also involved, it will add anywhere from $100 to $1,600 to the final estimate. Why is there such a big difference between the minimum and maximum costs? Because it depends on the type of alterations you have planned to make. For the most part, light to moderate changes are valued at no more than $400 but if you are doing extensive revamping in the pipes and fitting department, the price will only go up.

What Are Some Mistakes to Avoid?

Choosing trendy over practical. Let’s face it, fashions come and go and each year has its new star on the horizon. It is dauntingly difficult to keep up with the ever-changing styles and the truth is, you don’t have to. It is more important to think about functionality rather than what’s in vogue this season. For example, when going for a sink, pick something that can house large cookware, is both durable and resistant to scratches, and can last long. “But I don’t wash my dishes by hand“, you would say. Sure. But to be honest, not every cup or knife is dishwasher-friendly, so it’s nice to think about these things in advance.

Cutting down on countertop space. People tend to underestimate how much workspace they need for cooking. Not only do they choose cabinets with the sparse room but sacrifice some of that by leaving appliances on top. Yet, once they start putting the new kitchen to good use, they realise there is nowhere to prep food. Avoid this mistake by opting for counters that can handle all the cooking that happens in the heart of your home.

Overspending. Before you take on your kitchen renovation project, settle a financial plan that you will stick with all the way through. No initial preparation means you can easily go overboard with the expenditures. Think about what features matter the most and work your budget around them.

Touching up the plumbing. It’s recommended to keep your hands off the pipes and other related fixtures if they function smoothly. The general rule of thumb is, if it works, you leave it alone. Otherwise, you risk creating additional problems that will only slow you down and blow your budget for that matter.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Bring more light into the room. It’s time to replace those lighting fixtures with their more modern counterparts. It’s not necessarily expensive to make this happen and if you go for energy efficient bulbs, it will pay off even better.

Try cabinet liners. If you are on a tight budget and you can’t afford to buy new cabinetry right now, look to refresh your existing one with liners. Aside from adding a difference to the overall appearance, they can also hide flaws in the wood left by wear and tear of everyday use.

Improve your storage capacity. By adding pull-out trays and Lazy Susans, you can make it easier to grab stuff, especially in those hard-to-reach areas. To make use of the vertical space around, you might want to add risers. This will help you keep your stuff separated so you don’t have to experience an avalanche of bowls and pots tumbling down every time you need to pick something.

Dress up your cabinets with some finish. If shopping for new models is not an option, think about painting and finishing what you already have. This is a budget-friendly way of hiding blemishes and restoring the good old look of your kitchen features.

Shop for pre-owned appliances. There are tons of places both online and offline where you can buy used the equipment for a fraction of the price. And if you can’t stand the thought of having a second-hand microwave oven or washing machine, you can always wait for holiday sales to get your hands on the desired model or make without hurting your wallet.

Replace your current flooring with something durable and cheap. There are plenty of options these days. The most popular ones seem to be laminate and vinyl, both of which are versatile and simple solutions. They can make a big difference in the overall look of your kitchen.