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How to Choose the Best Home Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Home Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Use the following 6 steps to find the optimal home renovation contractor.

You are prepared to put a tub, or you successfully choose a tile design for your kitchen at last. But you don't have the abilities or the available time to undertake your project fruitfully, or else in the event, you don't desire to complete exactly the job yourself. That is why employing a renovation contractor is your thing to do. But deciding on the best home renovation contractor can become a problem. Can you even know if someone is good?

Just like selecting a new employee for your company, you'd not seek the services of the candidate for a job, without tapering your best candidates so do not select your home renovation contractor carelessly. Prior to making a final decision, study and analyze their work portfolios, listen to those who’ve experienced them and also obtain competitive bids.

1. Acquire Tips

The initial task in finding for the best home renovation contractor is always to develop a record of all the builders who have the experience. You’ll progressively slim this record down and eventually use it in order to pick out your desired builder, therefore it is ideal to add more established contractors than you will need now.

  • There are many ways you are able to maximize your checklist:
  • Consult your friends or acquaintances for advice, specifically those who already did renovations in their homes?
  • Start exploring the web for the kind of support you require inside your town.
  • Take a look at reviews that are listed on the Internet.
  • Use the media to request for close good friends or associates.

Warning Flags

Contractors can provide you if you become straightforward. You should visit them to see samples of their projects. Be careful of doing it yourself because some contractors have no essential data, such as reviews, social media presence, and a website.

2. Examine each contractor's portfolio

Carefully select what you like. A house improvement contractor that has an eye on design and innovation can also be useful for specific endeavors. For example, should you want to install a tile entrance having a mosaic design or color an area using a finish, you can always look for those with the specializations.

Ask for every contractor’s tasks from last year. They may have a portfolio, or else they may send you a portfolio that must comprise of at least ten tasks. It should have pictures of every space before the job commenced, the time throughout the remodeling and after the job is concluded. It will help if you'll find all the photos of plans or patterns, sketches so that it's possible to have a thought of how the project is approached by the home renovation contractor.

Warning Flags

Watch when you get zero photos ahead of the redesign portfolio that uses too many tasks or unclear pictures of the last item. Also, remember that the home renovation contractors comprise their job within their own portfolios. If any project that is finished is not in your own criteria, it is most probably that their work is much more unpleasant. Have that individual's name.

3. Request for clearance and documentation

Now, your checklist should contain around six to eight titles. A particularly simple method to slim it down to request the renovators' license and documentation details. The particular permits or certificates that the renovation contractor must proceed will be based on the project. Contact the accreditation department of your own community to inquire for certain requirements since the conditions change by country.

Along with ensuring that the builders possess the right licenses and documentation to finish the project securely and lawfully, be certain that anybody in your record hasan insurance coverage in case they create havoc in your home. Any different workers and the contractor must be insured by an employee's settlement. Ask for a copy of these insurance policies and examine if they are current.

Warning Flag

Remove any contractors in your checklist who do not possess the qualifications. It should not require too much time to find this information for your requirements or also direct by marking off.

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4. Assess testimonials

Now that you've reduced the lengthy checklist down to five leading renovators, it is time to assess them. This is actually a typical procedure, so whichever dependable contractor will anticipate you to inquire for a set of references. A thorough builder reference record comprises more or at least ten tasks with all the customer's name, address, and telephone number. This will help when there are specific times for each endeavor; if dates aren't on the checklist, request for them.

Then, it's needed for you to contact each that are mentioned. In the event that the list is lengthy, choose a recent project and a few earlier endeavors. Start taking notes during your phone interview. You will want to request a few references in the event you are able to travel to their company.

A few queries to raise include:

  • Did the renovation contractor remain online during the timetable?
  • Did the working site maintained its cleanliness?
  • Were the experienced problems communicated rapidly?
  • Are the renovation contractor punctual for appointments and work days?
  • Are the task delayed?
  • Was the cost sensible and clear?

Warning Flags

Some red signs include a couple of references or momentary blanks. Ask about them. A pit at the calendar does not essentially indicate trouble; maybe they are taking the time off or were fractured during those days. The honesty and readiness to hand in additional information about your contractor could aid and facilitate your thoughts.

In case take note of buyers who had an outstanding experience and are confident and upbeat regarding the builder, and can find several little issues. You can observe the individual replying to calls or hesitate in case the ability was not fine. Attempt to see between your traces of what the individual tells you; that they may not want to say such a thing negatively. Expel any contractors who acquire doubtful or lousy critiques as you engage with the references of each contractor; you ought to be right down to three or four builders now.

5. Evaluation of the completed project

When you’ve known your builders' references, indicate some evaluations as completed. Then pick which of the references who are left would you want to visit to view their present projects. Select those that appear to be approachable and willing, whose projects really are comparable to yours and also who reside near you personally. In the event, the job was finished at least a few years ago so you can view how it was postponed, it can still be especially helpful. Review one completed project from each of your top prospects that were staying.

Have a direct observation at the contractors as you come to see and look at how their endeavors operate. In case, it required repairs or service, inquire anyone. Scan the information and make a request.

Warning Flag

Based on the type of project, there are a couple of warning signs to search for:

  • Bathroom remodeling: dirty discoloration onto the ceiling or walls, skewed floors, inexpensive substances, inadequate lighting.
  • Kitchen renovation: Sudden seams on counter tops, low-quality materials, "cooking area cabinets" (stove, icebox, and sink) not directly placed, bad light, insufficient storeroom or counter area.
  • Paint: over-spray, color works, strains, shoddy lines, and edges and unequal colors on to the floor.
  • Tile-work: Twisted tiles or lines, tile breaks and grouts, unsealed borders (supposed to classify badly trimmed tiles), irregular grout patterns, rough surfaces, noticeable adjustments in between surfaces.
  • Decks, terraces or pergolas: either curved or bloated boards, inconsistent borders, openings between boards or windows, breaks in the floorboards, interstices or splits between the sides of the house and also the terrace, concrete breaks.

6. Obtain Bids and employ the most competent contractor

By today you have expunged anyone with jobs. The very next move is to bid the occupation with the rest of the contractors on your checklist.

After an in-depth consultation, you will be presented by every contractor with a proposition and the approximate price of the project, which is referred to as bidding. Based on the sort of renovation, this could consist of data regarding the deadline for your own undertaking, the kinds of the project's whole cost and the stuff they suggest. It really is ideal to get calls from four builders or the top three on your own checklist. Your builder will be selected by you using these specifications.

Don't forget, it's not necessarily advisable to proceed along with the top-selling cost. On occasion, the materials or cost of labor will change in one builder to the following; for example, a builder who utilizes prefabricated cabinets will probably bill much under the usual woodworker that gives them a hand, but you may see an important gap in the view and texture of their completed kitchen. When deciding on what proposition is most suitable for you personally, determine the biggest goals for your renovation.

When you’ve selected your home renovation builder and received their job bid, they will create a deal proposition with complete information about how they will finish the planned tasks, the undertaking materials, materials, price, and others. When you have evaluated and signed the proposition, your job will be initiated.

Warning flags

Be careful with any contractor who attempts to handle you. Some builders will attempt to pressure you by registering directly off and by declaring their predictions forcefully which is not right for a restricted moment. You consistently have the choice. Contractors will allow you to have your time picking which proposal to opt for and they're going to react agreeably if you did not accept their bidding. The exact is accurate of the ending arrangement; do not sign anything away, and be certain to review all the necessary points.


It is your duty to perform your research to locate a proficient and trustworthy builder for your home improvement undertaking. Examine every contractor thoroughly, and also have your own time to produce the ideal choice for your residence. Once you’ve assessed and signed the proposition you'll record a deposit test. Now you're one step closer to your ideal household.