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About us

Welcome to Singapore Renovation, your go-to guide on home and office makeovers. This site is purely for information purposes. We know the hassle of cracking constructions, moving furniture around, installing new floors, painting the walls, and deciding on the overall arrangement of a room to make it more functional. So, we thought, “Why not share our knowledge with the world so that others don’t have to go through the same painful experience?”

We provide useful advice that will not only help to make your overhaul in Singapore less daunting but also save you from common mistakes. If anything, it will prepare you mentally for the challenges that such a project constitutes.

Have you ever struggled with tradespeople or been let down by your contractor?

Or have you jumped into a project that needed more work than you initially thought it would, leaving your bank account at zero balance? We all have at a certain point put ourselves through so much pain. This is what this site is about - we want to point out the major pitfalls that could turn your dream refurbishment into a legit nightmare.

If you are interested to know more about improving your cooking space and how you can save hundreds of dollars, check out our article about kitchen renovation. If you have decided that your living room could use some redecoration, take a look at our article about living room renovation. We also discuss home renovation loans, contractors, and everything in between.

Take inspiration from our ideas and use it to make your place fabulous, fun, and buzzy.

Where to start

If you are new to this site and still don’t know your way around, check out the following pages:

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Don’t forget to come back to our site regularly for more updates.