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Renovation in Singapore

Renovation in Singapore

Everything You Need to Ask Before Doing a Home Renovation in Singapore. You can literally save as much as $110,000 which you could have wasted when you didn’t know how to properly prepare for home renovation in Singapore. Depending on the type of renovation, the amount spent could range from $4,888 to $110,000. That is why simply asking the right questions could probably save you an arm and a leg.

Home Renovation in Singapore

Home renovation

Best Tips to an Affordable Home Renovation in Singapore Because you wanted your house to have a more cosy feeling and to have a more beautiful look, you constantly do some home renovation. You tend to think more carefully of your next home renovation strategy as your master plan or something you just have to start from square one.

Kitchen Renovation in Singapore

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen often tops the list of being the busiest area in the house and that should come as no surprise. There is a lot going on in that room, from dishes clattering to glasses being picked up and tables set. All this activity speeds up normal wear and tear, resulting in the need for an overhaul. In this post, we talk about your kitchen renovation, suggesting ideas on a budget, pointing out common mistakes, and discussing the overall price.

Living Room Renovation in Singapore

Living Room Renovation

The living room gets its fair share of action throughout the week and happens to be the second most popular place in the house, losing only to the kitchen. This is not only where you while away any free time but also where you welcome visitors, thus it has to be good-looking and nice. 

Office renovation in Singapore

Office renovation

Shrewd preparation from the first phases widens your odds of getting a gainful office renovation. Careful organization and well-thought arrangement may be very beneficial in side-stepping the frustrations that might, in other circumstances, destruct a renovation and/or improvement project. Read these five ways to assist you in the procedures of your home restoration plans.



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I want to thanks to the Renovation Singapore Team for their great work. Renovating my condo in Singapore was quite a challenge but they went beyond my expectations and gave me very good renovation tips and pieces of advice.

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